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  • 2018: LIVERPOOL & LONDON AUGUST 20-29 2018

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    Our Magical History Tour Group on Location Hint: Red & Blue Album
    (Things We Said Today)

       Hi Charles
       Had a wonderful time going to Liverpool with everyone. Thanks for organizing such a wonderful trip. I felt very comfortable going on my own.
       Anna Pantoliano
       Bergenfield, NJ

       I had a wonderful time on the MMT 2014. There was so much to see and I made a lot of great new friends. Thanks so much for putting it all together. I miss my Beatle buddies.
       Frank Riccio
       Greenwich, CT

        "The trip all seems a bit like a dream...but then I see some photos and realize it DID happen! What an amazing experience Thanks for everything.
       Phil Biebl
       Madison, WI

        "Hi Charles and Danny,
        "Hi Charles and Danny, Thanks so much for creating such an incredible tour! I am still "living in Liverpool" and I got to add some items to my own Beatles museum! Thanks again to both of you for a wonderful experience and trip of a lifetime!
        Nellie Hastings
       Orland Park, IL

        Hi Charles, Danny & Staff,
        Thanks so much for our Tour Report, read it once and plan on reading it again & again. Also, thanks so much for all you did to make this a beyond awesome tour for Gerry, me and our group.
        We miss you and the fun group too.
        Until we meet again,
        Peace & Love
        Joanne B. Dunn
        Ravena, NY

        It is over a month now and Diane and I are still talking about the FAB vacation. Thanks to you, Charles, Danny and Rene on making our dream vacation so perfect. We now desire to go back to London and Liverpool so much we will be going again on our next Wedding Anniversary!! Thanks to all the staff at Liverpool Tours for making 2013's "Magical Mystery Tour" a highlight of our lives...
        Howard Cohen
        Franklin, MA

        Charles and Dan,
        THANKS!!!!!! for the GREAT!!!!!! time we had on this tour. We always dreamt about going to Beatle Land one day -- never thought it would happen though. Then to actually go to Abbey Road Studio 2 and RECORD!!!!! Everything else we did, and the new Beatle Fan friends we made, UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!
        Don & Sue Hebert
        Allenstown, NH

        Hi Charles and Danny!
        I have to express my gratitude for taking me on a Beatle experience that FAR EXCEEDED my expectations and wildest dreams. Thanks for making this happen!!!!
        We loved it all - from the tours of Paul and John's house (which I understand needs to be booked practically a year advance!?)--to the great shows at the Philharmonic and the ferry across the Mersey to meeting lots of great Beatle people.
        Of course Abbey Road cannot even be expressed in words. I just hope these damn goose bumps go down soon!
        IF NOT FOR YOU... our pilgrimage would not have been nearly as rewarding!
        Lucille daCosta and Gladys Sandman
        Aberdeen & Hazlet, NJ

        "Charles, thank you SO much for the most awesome Beatle week. I'll remember it always. You rock!"
        Marge Doherty
       New York, NY

        Hi Charles!!!,     Well, you really outdid yourself this year. Thanks go out to you, Danny, Rene, and Kelley for making this year's tour the best ever. Wow. Gail still can't stop talking about it. It was way more than she ever expected. Abbey Road Studio, going into the registry where John and Cynthia were married (on their anniversary no less),seeing The Rutles, Joe Brown, the list just keeps going.
        It sure was a terrific group of people this year. Lots of new friends as well as old friends from 2011. I'm already thinking about 2015 and a trip to Hamburg!
        Thanks again. Keep in touch.
        Al Hebditch
        Sandwich, MA

        I just wanted to say thank you for putting together this years Magical History Tour and making it a fantastic success. I had the time of my life! My favorite being our recording session at Abbey Road Studios! That was such a rush!!! And it was great seeing you again, the last time being Paul's American debut for "Standing Stone" at Carnegie Hall about 15 years ago.
        We had some great tour participants.
        Kudos to you Charles, Danny, Rene and all whom had a hand in getting the tour together. I know that ya'll put in countless hours to make our trip so memorable!
        Jeff Smith
        Orange, Texas

       Gary and I both thank you for an AMAZING trip!!!! We had the most wonderful time! Thanks for making it so special!
       Peri Steiner Lyman
       Jamaica, NY

       Just before this year's trip, I was looking through some old Chicago Beatlefest Programs. I actually found a separate brochure from 1983 on the Magical Mystery Tour. So I believe that I waited 30 years before being able to go on this trip! This trip was even more than I expected! I could mention my favorite things that we saw/did, but the true answer is "EVERYTHING" was a favorite. The itinerary was packed with so many great things to do & see. And one real important thing that I need to mention is: Beatle People are the Greatest People in the world! Josh, Ron, and I met & shared the experience with so many awesome, now friends from all over. That aside, what makes the tour so special is Charles & Danny. These two gentlemen worked so hard on both the large things and smaller things to make the trip special for all of us! What a pleasure it is to know and enjoy the experience with them. I don't believe any tour could be any more special than what we experienced with Charles and Danny! A Big Bear Hug Thanks to them for ensuring my 'Bucket List' trip to be as GREAT as it was!!!
       Steve Tkaczyk
       Williamston, Michigan

       This was an amazing trip filled with special insider access to many historic Beatles sites. So glad we went and met so many wonderful people in the tour group!
       Sue Murray
       Fairfax, VA

       We are home and getting ourselves together after the Magical History Tour. This truly was a trip of a lifetime with hidden surprises around every corner. We enjoyed every magical minute of it. It was more awesome than we had imagined it would be. All the Beatle sites and sounds were beyond amazing.
       A special thank you to you, Danny, Rene and your staff for all that you did to make us feel comfortable on our first MMTour.
       We are working on loading our pictures and will send some as soon as we can.
       Again Thanks for it all,
       Peace & Love
       Joanne & Gerry Dunn
       Ravena, NY

        "WOW! I am still on cloud 9 from one of the most unbelievable experiences I've had in my life! What a great time, what a great tour! It was all I expected and MORE! I met up with my high school friend, Judy who I haven't seen in 15 years, both of us avid Beatle fans. Sharing this experience with her was an added bonus. We felt like teenagers again!
        It is obvious that Liverpool Tours/Liverpool Productions has been doing this for many years and has amazing connections that made this trip terrific. People have asked me what the highlight of the trip was...this was so hard to answer because everything was fabulous. Being with all the other Beatle fans was so wonderful. It was great to be with a group of people that "get" it when it comes to the Beatles. Walking into Lennon's house was an emotional experience for me, I could feel his spirit and it sent chills down my spine. Amazing. I could go on an on. Just wanted to thank you and Danny for an experience I will never forget and will always cherish.
        Thank you again and I hope to join Liverpool Tours in the future for another Beatleful tour!"
        Tonii Calbo
        Carlsbad, CA

        "I enjoyed sharing such a special experience. I felt like a kid when we boarded the coach to depart for Liverpool. I had dreamed of Liverpool ever since the Beatles crossed the Altantic and became famous in the States. It was awesome to see their homes, the Cavern, the Empire, and spend time with Julia and Pete. I hope to do it again...and to cross paths with everyone!"
        All the Best,
        Kim Nelson
        Dallas, TX

        "We usually travel independently and this was our first group tour. Thanks to all of you, we will happily remember it forever. As with most group tours, people have a tendency to interact with some of the group members more frequently that with others. We feel we were fortunate in getting to know almost everyone during our 12 days and thank you all for sharing not only your Beatle information with us, but also details about your lives outside of Beatlemania. We enjoyed hearing about your professions, your children and grandchildren, husbands, wives, significant others and your pets. For those with whom we didn't spend extended time, we hope that our paths cross again on another Beatles trip. We both say that you, our friends, were the highlight of this trip.
        Oh yes, the music was great, whether it was in Hamburg or Liverpool. We were privileged to share our time (and bus) with the bands "Penny Lane" and "Yellow Submorons." Meeting (and hearing) the likes of Tony Sheridan, Mike Pinder, Gerry Marsden and Pete Best and his brothers, as well as the other pioneers of the Liverpool sound, was indeed something to treasure. The concerts by the other tribute bands (and ours) showcased just how popular, influential and pervasive the Beatles have been and continue to be worldwide. And to think we were at the heart of where it all began in both countries! Our time with Julia Baird and her cordiality toward all of us was unparalleled.
        We felt that each new day brought experiences that surpassed the previous day. The tours brought us insights (and accesses) that none of us could have discovered on our own and we thank Charles, Danny, Karen, Rene and our other guides.
        We continue to talk about our trip and found it so memorable that we are planning on a second visit in the near future. We hope that we will see some of you there and, be sure, the rest of you will be with us in memory then and in the future."
        All the best!
        Tomm and Linda Sprick
        New Milford, CT

        "We were blown away that our expectations were exceeded on this year's tour. Every stop was unique and beautiful. The main highlights for us were crossing Abbey Road, roaming around the grounds of the beautiful Chiswick Estate and visiting Friar's Park. London was full of Beatle sites at every turn and Liverpool was alive with Beatlemania 2006! Our very special thanks to all who were involved in making this a truly memorable trip. We will always cherish the memories and new friends made along the way. We will be joining you again on another Magical Tour!"
        Brad and Mary Colovich,
        Herriman, UT

        "If you have ever wanted to 'see' the places of your dreams, this is the answer to your prayers! You'll have the opportunity to see all of the Liverpool sites you've likely been reading about all these years. A truly MAGICAL Mystery Tour indeed!"
        Phil Biebl,
        Madison, WI

        "My memory of being on the tour with Julia remains the most special, and I can tell you that this has raised my sense of connected-ness with The Beatles. Thanks for your patience and hard work in bringing all of that together. I enjoyed all of the lovely Liverpudlians and Londoners that I met along the way. I'd love to ride again..."
        Frank Adams,
        Trenton, NJ

        "I can't tell you how much fun & pleasure I had on the tour. It was better than I expected in every way. Charles, Danny, Rene, Richard & Eddie Porter are the best guides in the Beatles World! I would recommend the MMT tour to any true Beatles fan."
        Chris Antonucci,
        Baltimore, MD

        "I had a great time and I already miss everyone and everything! You had a gargantuan task of organizing everything for this cast of characters and you did a great job!"
        Pat Tyson,
        Glendale, CA

        "Thanks for coordinating a well organized "Beatles 40th Anniversary" tour celebration in the 3 cities and most of all for making it a fun time for all!! I had a great time and would recommend this tour to anyone who loves The Beatles as much as I do (and anyone who has never been out of this country). This experience has enriched my life so much and I'm glad to have been a part of the group. I hope you guys and Liverpool Productions keep it up so that everyone can see and learn how important the Beatles are in our history."
        Brian Hill,
        Los Angeles, CA

        "What a wonderfully exhausting trip. I'm still on a buzz!"
        Maxine Carlin,
        St. Helena, CA

        "I had an amazing time! The entire experience was far better that I had expected it to be. I truly was in Beatle heaven for 12 days! Thanks for being wonderful tour guides and great new friends. I look forward to seeing you again soon."
        Socorro Farias,
        Pico Rivera, CA

        "Short of getting married, this was the best time of my life"
        Louise Beaumont,
        Bristol, CT

        "We'll be back again next year even if we have to sell the kids!"
        Leslie & Wayne Taylor,
        Santa Rose, FL

        "Thank you for a great time. I miss the fun of being together. I'm looking forward to going again next year."
        Nancy Gaubatz,
        Melrose, MA

        "Thank you Charles and Danny. I had the BEST time. Ready to do it again next year."
        Shelley Niles,
        Northville, MI

        "I want to thank you for a great trip" I really did have lots of fun. I met lots of people and I still miss them."
        Stefanie Wieclawek,
        St. Catharines, Ontario Canada

        "I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of the group and myself for a trippin' live fantastic vacation!"
        Nicole Randazzo,
        Comsock Park, MI

        "Thank SO MUCH for a FABulous Tour! This was the best! We had a BLAST!!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! We look forward to seeing you again. Many thanks!
        WE LOVE YOU GUYS!"
        Geraldine Livingston,
        Canyon County, CA

        "Heartfelt thanks for the wonderful tour. You truly covered a lot of Beatles-related sites for us! I had a stupendous time. There certainly was an interesting cross-section of society in our group! We miss our nightly concerts and the visit to the hotel bar before bed!! Our families are bored silly by the replay of our day-by-day activities, not to mention countless photos of doors and street signs! Thanks again for organizing such a wonderful tour and your obvious concerns on our behalf."
        Julie Jacobs,
        Barrie, Ontario Canada

        "My boyfriend and I went on your and it was incredible! It was our first trip overseas and International Tours and Events (Liverpool Productions) made sure everything went smoothly. We saw some amazing Beatles sites. London was great. Liverpool was awesome! The music was incredible and we were given tickets for some great shows. We will definitely be back next year."
        Laura Campbell,
        Newport, PA

        "Most fun I ever had with my clothes on"
        Jack Roach,
        Reading, PA

        "I waited 37 years to take a trip of a lifetime and for our 25th wedding anniversary, we made it. Not only did we do & see all the great sites but made some great friends too. Charles and Danny you did good!"
        Debbie Harrington,
        Alton, IL

        "My father and I were on the MMTour and had a blast! London and Liverpool are indescribable!! To see all the places you've only heard about in song and seen in photos is the most amazing experience. Go on the ultimate tour to the Beatles Holy Land, you will not regret it!"
        Amanda Beoletto,
        Hudson, IL

        "A GREAT way to meet other serious Beatles fanatics that you'll stay in touch with long after the tour is over."
        Chuck Englert,
        Carmel, IN

        "I want to let you know that I had a wonderful time on the trip. I have so many memories now. Just getting to walk around in Liverpool was great. I appreciate all you did for me on the trip; finding room for me at such short notice was very nice of you. I was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 days before we left on the trip, and I had surgery the day after we got home. I want everyone to know that going on the trip with everyone helped me forget my problems and just enjoy my time there. Knowing what this made it much more special. Thank you again."
        Kristy Mundt,
        San Diego, CA

        "Still smiling from all the good memories of times with my past. I'll never be 16 like that again, and it was fun to be 16 at 50 plus."
        Laura Atkinson,

        "I thoroughly had a Beatleful time - there were 1st generation fans and an enjoyable group of younger fans. The time we spent at the Casbah with Pete was the Best. As for the tourguides, Rene was very pleasant in Amsterdam, Richard gave an absolute awesome tour of London (especially the bus portion in seeing things I haven't seen before and always wanted to see), and Eddie Porter's Liverpool MMTour was great as usual. Thank you again Charles and Danny for everything."
        Ann Van Overeem,
        Westminster, CA

        "I just accompanied the trip. The welcome that I had was excellent. Very organized and correct. I accomplished a dream! ! ! It is worthwhile. A hug for all! I will be there again one of these days."
        All The Best
        Jose Renato
        Mariana (MG) - Brazil

        "I just wanted to let you know that I had an absolute blast on the trip. I could not have imagined it going any better than it did. I had to recover when I got home, as there were some pretty late nights. I forgot how much I like to party!!! I haven't been up that late that many nights in a row since college. I feel like I should say that I'm getting too old for this stuff, but you will never hear those words coming out of my mouth - It was too much fun!!"
        Gail Finck,
        Lake Mary, FL

        "The tour was a dream comes true! For the first time, a chance to see something new, but also revisit the music of your past. In light of all the fear and confusion that we live in today, in a world that has seemingly gone mad, being back in touch with the Beatles, with the spirit and positive meaning that their music represented, helps me deal with today's reality. To bond with other Beatles fans for nearly 2 weeks is an unforgettable experience."
        Ed (San Francisco Ed) Salvador,
        Rodeo, CA

        "I'd like to especially thank Charles and Danny for the hard work they put into the tour. This trip was a trip of a lifetime. The special tours, info of spots, incidentals, all made everything "come together" so great. Thank you again."
        Nancy Davis,
        St. Charles, MO

        "This was the most amazing trip we've ever taken; A vacation and Beatles experience beyond description."
        Theresa Wozunk and Ella Hester,
        Brooklyn, NY

    Photo of ELLA with Paul McCartney shortly after going on the tour

        "Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to give my husband Ted a birthday present he will never forget. It's been wonderful for us to do this together."
        Jody Myslinski,
        Freehold, NJ

        "I was in Beatles heaven! It was a superb and thorough tour! This was the best birthday present EVER. I'll never forget my experiences I shared with Beatles fans."
        Ed Carr (Cathy was just along for the ride!),
        Louisville, KY

        "You were great! Friendly and down-to-earth, and your love for the Beatles is the reason why this tour is in existence and hence our being here. Thank you for a memorable trip which definitely won't be our last."
        Pete Galvez and Audrey Pak,
        Honolulu, HI

        "When I was 7 years old my brother and I would jump up and down on my parents' mattress while singing "from me to you" and "please please me". I picked up the guitar at age 10 and at 48 years I am still going at it. You have helped to bring these mythic cities within my view. And you made it rather easy. I am grateful to you... yeah, yeah, yeah!"
        Frank Adams,
        Trenton, NJ

        &quotThank you just doesnít seem to be adequate, but for now THANK YOU.
        I came home from this trip with a feeling of satisfaction that I was able to get everything accomplished that I set out to do.
        The Casbah and The Ferry would not have been possible without you. The shows were all so memorable thanks to you. The first time I took the tour with you, I remember staying on the bus and going under the Mersey which is quite an experience in itself. The second time I didnít take the Wirral part of the tour because I was exhausted. So this was my first chance to Ferry Cross the Me rsey and it came with tears and goose bumps, it was sooo cool. I donít know if you remember but everywhere we went the first time was so emotional I cried my way through the tour.
        I really hope I make it back to Liverpool someday, but if I donít, I cannot think of having better memories than the ones I am carrying with me right now.
        Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart."
        Mindy Brickhandler,
        Tarzana, CA

        "Kudos to you on a trip well done!
        Once again, I wanted to thank you for so selflessly offering me that 'dream-come-true' situation of performing my one man show at the Cavern, but also for significantly allowing me to use this opportunity to help boost my career from a promotional standpoint. This, and the overall tour were a unique, fun, educational and simply amazing experience that I will never forget."     All the (Pete) Best,
        Dave Jay
        New York, NY

        "You greatly exceeded our expectations 10 times over. Thank you so much."
        Norris J. Songe Jr.,
        Metairie, LA

        "Dear Charles and Gang,
        I wanted to take this time to tell you how much my sons, John and Joseph and I enjoyed our Magical History Tour 2004 of Hamburg, Germany, London, and Liverpool last August. It was an experience that we will always cherish and we want to thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts for providing us with this wonderful opportunity."
        Our memories of this adventure which took us to the locales that helped launch the musical careers of the Beatles will never be forgotten. One can never forget the infamous street in Germany, the Reeperbahn, lined with "ladies of the night" where I had to shield two handsome sons from the ladies that were hoping to score a willing customer.  And the boys sure got a kick out of watching the T.V. shows Full House and Spongebob in German!"
        Our memories of London are like living a dream. Were we really there? We only wished that we had more time to visit as it was filled with so many awesome sites to see. I remember being in awe the first time that I spotted Big Ben. It was so beautiful. Being drenched in the London rain at Buckingham Palace was so much fun! And to think, that was the only time we didn't take our umbrellas! The "Twist & Shout" Party in London's original Hard Rock Cafť was a blast! Danny and Charles, you guys really rock! You guys were really strokin' to the music on top of that table!
        And Charles, thank you for taking my son, Joseph into "The Vault" at the Hard Rock Cafť. He really enjoyed seeing the memorabilia of his guitar "heroes."
        Our week in Liverpool was filled with so many places to visit. So much to do in so little time! From Strawberry Field to Penny Lane, the Beatles homes, birthplaces, schools, etc. It was overwhelming, but in a nice way! We really enjoyed watching the Beatle Tribute bands but not one could compare to Our Fabulous Fab Four! Watching them perform at the Cavern Club with no air conditioning, practically no ventilation, surrounded by smokers and drinkers really put into perpective of how the Beatles really "paid their dues" as performers. It was quite an experience for ALL OF US! And I want to thank you all, Charles, Danny, Karen and the Fab Four for providing that ultimate experience for us! This 50-year old woman is quite proud of herself for surviving the "Cavern Club experience." I even had to ward off some Scottish dude who tried to pick up on me at the club. Could you imagine? I guess because it was kinda dark in the club. ( He He!) My sons constantly tease me about that!
        My sons and I often reflect on our trip and we long to go back to revisit London and Liverpool. Joseph often dwells on the fact that he didn't get enough time to visit that street lined with Guitar Stores! And John saw a few suits in the windows that he was interested in, but time did not allow us to visit those stores.
        We have always been a close-knit family but this trip really "bonded" us even closer! I'm proud to admit that I share the love of music and history with my sons as well as our admiration of the Beatles, the greatest group in history! I also wanted to add that we made a lot of great new friends on the tour that we still keep in contact with.
        So once again, Charles and Gang, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking care of us on our Magical History Tour! I highly recommend this tour for Beatle Fans all over the world! So make your reservation and roll up for The Mystery Tour!"
        Take care,
        JoAnn Chiles, John Navarro, Joseph Navarro


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