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    First of all, what exactly is the Magical History Tour to England?
    It's a "magical history tour" travel vacation, in which Beatles fans from all walks of life, of all ages, from all over, journey to Liverpool and London to join fellow fans as we "follow in the footsteps of The Beatles" - and beyond!It is the ultimate Beatles fan experience to see all the places you've read about in books, seen on postcards, heard about in songs, and dreamed of going to!

    For how many years has the Tour been going on?
    2024 will mark our 41st anniversary bringing fellow fans on a professionally-escorted, fully-guided travel package to the "holyland" (for Beatles fans, that is). We've been doing it longer (and better!) than any other tour company in the world.

    Can you give us some background on the Tour?
    n 1980, we founded the international Beatles magazine "Good Day Sunshine." Prior to that we produced Beatles Conventions and fan events throughout North America. 
    A few years later, we went to Liverpool as tourists and loved the city so much we started hosting full-blown tour packages by promoting them at conventions and, through the magazine "Good Day Sunshine" and in the pages of other fanzines. As the years went on, we stopped doing the conventions and the magazine, but the tours were always fun and an excuse to take a Fab vacation. Our "Magical History Tour" became bigger and better every year, with the help of Liverpool's foremost tourguides, Cavern City Tours. Through the contacts we have established over the years, our Magical History Tour gets into places and does things that fans just could never do on their own, or couldn't do on any other tours. In fact, it was thanks to these tours
    and promotions that fans got the opportunity to meet Paul and Linda (and members of his bands), George, Ringo, George Martin, Pete Best, Cynthia Lennon, Julian Lennon, Allan Williams, Bob Wooler, Mike McCartney, Bill Harry, Alf Bicknell, Alistair Taylor, Gerry Marsden, Billy J. Kramer, Sam Leach, Wings members Denny Laine, Steve Holly, Laurence Juber & successive McCartney bandmembers Hamish Stuart, Robbie McIntosh, Wix, Abe Laboriel Jr, Rusty Anderson, The Rutles, Joey Molland, John's sister Julia Baird, Ringo's late step-dad Harry, John Lennon's Uncle Charlie, Victor Spinetti, Mark Lewisohn, Joe Flannery, Horst Fascher, Lee Curtis and just about every person ever related or associated with the Beatles.

    When is the next tour going to take place?
    AUGUST 19 - 28, 2024 - LET IT BE ... LIVERPOOL

    Why August?
    That is when Liverpool puts on International BeatleWeek (including the International Beatles Convention and Music Festivals). There are thousands upon thousands of fans and followers from all over the world at this time. It's also the time of year when most people can take vacations, and it's when England has the nicest weather.

    How long does the trip last?
    The trip itself lasts 10 Beatleful days, but the memories of the unforgettable experiences in Britain with fellow fans last a lifetime.Of course, fans may go for less days if they wish.

    What sights do travelers see while on the Magical History Tour?
    We could go literally go on forever with this subject. The better question might be "what don't we see?" In London, we start very traditionally by going to all the historic must-see sights such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Westminister Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, London Bridge, Tower of London, Carnaby Street, etc. Then we do a comprehensive rock 'n roll tour of London. That includes every imaginable Beatles landmark. Highlights of our time in London include a visit to Chiswick Park where The Beatles recorded their "Rain/Paperback Writer" videos and our great memories of actual recording sessions at Abbey Road Studios 2, where the Beatles recorded nearly all their classics. Of course, we all take turns crossing Abbey Road the way the Beatles did on their album cover. Other sites in London include MPL (McCartney's offices), EMI (record label), the Palladium (where the Beatles performed before royalty), their London homes, and locales where they filmed scenes from their movies & promo videos. But the real treat is Liverpool! Once in the Fab Four's birthplace, we see endless places that any Beatle fan ever dreamed of - locations that we've only read about in books, heard about in song lyrics or seen in pictures. We see homes, schools, early hang-outs, clubs & pubs. We experience a full-out Concerts, party at the world-famous Cavern Club and take fully-guided bus tours to every nook & cranny of the Beatles' history in the city. We see the lyrics of Penny Lane literally come to life before our eyes. We go on shopping sprees at Liverpool's Beatles auction, at the BeatlesDays mini-convention and at the Hard Day's Night Beatles Boutique Shop on the corner of Mathew Street. We experience the InternationalBeatlesConvention with fellow fans from all around the world, and we enjoy Beatles bands from "across the universe" during BeatleWeek festivities. We take our day-long sight-seeing tour of Liverpool landmarks, often aboard the yellow "Magical Mystery Tour" bus and we enjoy an actual "Ferry Cross The Mersey." We are in the audience for full concerts in venues such as the Liverpool Philharmonic, Empire, Royal Court Theatre and LIPA (Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts), Paul's "Fame" school. Additionally, every year we do special events and get into places in both cities that nobody could ever do on their own, or on any other tour!

    Is there an age requirement?
    o. Fans from ages 5 to 85 have joined us. We have couples, families with children and grandchildren, and many single travelers go. The tour is open to, and is ideal for, all ages.

    What does the trip include? How much does each ticket sell for?
    There are no tickets to pay for. All show tickets, admissions, entrances, excursions, etc. are included in the total package price. There are no extra costs or hidden expenses for events, shows, concerts, attractions. Round-trip airfare and all transfers/land transportation is included (except for taxis). Deluxe hotel accommodations are included (including potential room-shares for fans traveling alone). Even breakfasts all week long are part of the package. The only things not included are the airport departure taxes/fees, dinners and souvenirs. We often joke that if someone doesn't eat or buy souvenirs, they could leave their money home!

    This is my first time flying overseas. What should I know?
    First of all, know that you are in good hands of not only professional tour operators, but also fellow fans. We have been doing these tours for four decades, and we are always there for you. We will answer any questions, and put you in the best possible comfort zone. Your enjoyment, satisfaction and safety is our primary responsibility.
    You will need a passport, but you do not need a travel visa or any vaccinations. 
    We usually have groups flying out of NY, Boston, LA and Chicago, but we would gladly add other departure cities if there's enough of a demand. 
    We have a host (tour guide) who greets you at the main airport and gives you a laminated "backstage pass" name badge along with a warm welcome (and, on most tours, usually a goodie bag with travel gifts) and assures you a smooth check-in. 
    Know that you are not the only person flying for the first time, and know that you will make friends right off the bat at the airport (we all have the love of The Beatles in common) before we even take off.

    Will I ever be alone?
    Not unless you want to be. There's nothing more fun than a group tour, and you will always be with your fellow tour members unless you opt to break away on your own (this is something that past travelers sometimes do). Our Magical History Tour professionally-guided fully-escorted travel vacation, so your hosts on the tour will always be with you, and in some cases other tour-guides and special guests will also host along the way.

    Could I get in touch with people going on the tour - before the tour - so I feel more comfortable knowing other travelers in advance?
    Definitely. We welcome the opportunity to introduce you (by mail, email or phone) to other tour members in advance of the trip. In respect of everyone's privacy, we won't give out any personal contact information, but we'll act as the go-between to arrange communications with both parties' approval and permission.

    Could I get in touch with people who've gone on the tour in the past? Could I get referrals?
    Yes, we'd love nothing more than to arrange for you to contact past travelers, because they are our best form of advertisement. Just let us know, and we could put you in touch with any one (or more) of hundreds of Magical History Tour alumni who will gladly answer any questions you may have about their past trip(s).

    What if I want to fly on my own or just join the group in Liverpool (or for a smaller portion of the tour)? 
    Every year there are people who take the "land package" (where they arrange their own airfare) or select fewer days to vacation on our Magical History Tour. We have travelers who skip the first city, others who pass on London, and a few who even go to Liverpool for less days. The full tour is the best way to enjoy and get the most out of the entire experience, but we will gladly customize the trip as per your travel specifications.

    How far in advance do reservations have to be made?
    ere are some Magical History Tour travelers who book over a year in advance, but most send in their reservations between October-July. In past years when the tour sold out, it was usually by early Summer.

    How do I pay for the tour? Is full payment due when I book my space?
    We make this as easy as possible. Along with the completed reservation form, travelers send a down-payment and don't have to pay the balance in full until it gets closer to departure. We will gladly accept payment in full earlier than that, or arrange payment installments if that's more convenient, but most prefer to put down the smaller deposit and then not pay the remainder until later. We accept personal checks, money orders, bank wire transfers and also online payment through PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, Zelle. We can put the deposits on credit cards (slight fee added).

    Do you offer travel insurance?
    Yes. We recommend a specific company that has proven to offer the very best coverage at the most reasonable rates. Contact us for details.

    Do you offer group discounts or commissions to travel agents?
    Yes to both questions. Contact us directly for further information.

    For any questions we have not yet answered here, please don't hesitate to call us at (203) 795-4737 or email We will be more than happy to answer any inquiries you may have, and we look forward to hosting your travel adventure. You'll have the time of your life. Thank you.



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