" GHOSTour " is the haunted week of horrors, a supernatural spooktacular vacation for fans and followers of the paranormal, the supernatural, the unexplained and all things haunted. The one-week travel adventure includes airfare, deluxe hotel accommodations, special guests, paranormal investigators, ghost-hunters and mediums, tour-guides, coach transfers, plus all advertised admissions-events-attractions. Open to all ages.

GHOSTour to The Middle East: Israel We have leaked this destination to some of you, but it's finally confirmed for February 24-March 3. At 9 days (including travel days in the air), this is our longest tour ever - to fit in all the great places we'll be visiting. No politics - just fun and as paranormal as possible! As you know, in the past we try to keep the schedule of events a mystery, but since we have the locations locked in and they're so amazing.

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New attractions, events, guests and locations are added every year.

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