" GHOSTour " is the haunted week of horrors, a supernatural spooktacular vacation for fans and followers of the paranormal, the supernatural, the unexplained and all things haunted. The one-week travel adventure includes airfare, deluxe hotel accommodations, special guests, paranormal investigators, ghost-hunters and mediums, tour-guides, coach transfers, plus all advertised admissions-events-attractions. Open to all ages.

GHOSTour to England visits haunted locales, castles and attractions in bloody Britain! Click in and read all about it.

Haunted Hungary GHOSTour visits the Labyrinth with Dracula's Chambers, Castles, Cemeteries, WW2 Bunkers, the Nazi Terror Museum and all the scariest Budapest locales in the land where Bela Lugosi was born. Click in and read all about it.

Wicked Wales GHOSTour takes travelers to the most Haunted Castles, Pubs, Cemeteries and all the paranormal places that justify Wales being called "the land of the ghost ."

GHOSTour to Cuba: The Forbidden Tour visits haunted cathedrals, cemeteries, theaters, bunkers and explores all the lores, legends and mysteries in Havana and beyond. Click in and read all about it.

GHOSTour to FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE/Prague/German HALLOWEEN takes us to two horrorific and supernatural regions, with histories rich in magic, murder and the mysterious. Spend HALLOWEEN in Frankenstein Castle! Click in and read all about it.

GHOSTour to Scotland"Failte" Visit the most amazing castles, pubs and haunted locales plus Loch Ness. Click in and read all about it.

GHOSTour to Ireland After Scotland, Ireland boasts the most haunted castles and reported lake monsters in the world. Click in and read all about it.

GHOSTour is presented by Tours of Terror, a division of International Tours & Events, presenters of DRACULA TOUR, the vampire vacations to Transylvania.

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