Good Evening Dear Castledwellers, Ghosthunters, Ghostbusters, Zombies, Witches, Warlocks, Ghouls, Gargoils & Garguys, Gothlings, Kindred Spirits, Demented Demons, Erotic Exorcists and Fellow Spirited Travelers:

Thank you for your interest in GHOSTour to Prague, our October 25 - November 1, 2016 Haunted Vacation for travelers of all ages.

Join us for a spooktacular, unforgettable week-long adventure to one of the scariest and most notorious locales in Europe. Hosted by Charles F. Rosenay!!! ("Cryptmaster Chucky") and Debe Branning of MVD Ghostchasers, this historic GHOSTour promises to be a weird and wooly wondrous week of horrors!

GHOSTour to Prague & FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE takes us to supernatural cities with histories rich in magic, murder and the mysterious. For many years Prague has been a magnet for students of the occult and in the 16th & 17th centuries it was a meeting point for alchemists and astrologers. The architecture of Prague is covered in esoteric symbols which can reveal many secrets to those who know how to read them. Join us as we pay some of these spirited sites a visit and judge for yourself… if you are brave enough! Prague is considered the most haunted city in central Europe, where ghost-hunters, paranormal investigators and monster mavens visit & explore. With an array of twisting cobblestone streets and large street lamps the night falls quickly in this historic city complete with dancing shadows and the distinct feeling of the fantastic; surely any element of the surreal can take place! The Czech lands are full of magical stories about legends, myths and ghosts. And we will experience it all: the ancient Castles, the haunted neighborhoods and dark alleyways of the Old Town, the Underground City and the Golem-Monster to name a few.

With a magnificent city center loaded with ornate bridges & architecture, one would never know that this stunning city has a dark secret – a violent and sinister past that still haunts it to this day – literally. Look beyond the treasures which are visible on first sight on the streets. Beneath the town is another city. The one from before -- the Underground! In the Old Town, we will visit the Underground and much much more...

GHOSTour 2016 ventures into the darkest regions of Germany, with a special Halloween night visit to FRANKENSTEIN CASTLE, one of many historic castles along the Hessian Bergstrasse. Burg Frankenstein, like a cross between Poenari Castle & Bran Castle in Transylvania, in itself is worth a trip to Eastern Europe, and we will experience an unforgettable Halloween there, adorned in costume with a setting like a cross between the ultimate Haunted Attraction, European Rave Party and Hollywood Gothic Film set.

But Frankenstein Castle is just one of the amazing places we visit in Germany. We also go to the mystical walled city of Rothenburg, a preserved medieval town not unlike Vlad's birthplace, Sighisoara. It is home to the Medieval Crime (Torture) Museum, filled with diabolical instruments of pain, punishment & torture, and also the Doll/Toy Shoppes, with two floors of historic playthings (and if you saw the film "Annabelle" you can guess how creepy this place could be). And the souvenirs and shopping here are incredible. We have dedicated enough time to not rush out of important places before we take the Executioner Tour at dusk.

Germany locales also include haunted Heidelburg Castle which we enter via the Funicular Trolley, the Hexenturm Witches Tower, and also Nurenberg's Dungeons and Nazi Rally Grounds.

Half the tour is spent in Germany, and half visiting the Czech Republic. The Czech itinerary is packed, with visits to the underground Mummies in Klatovy catacombs, the Water Castle known as Svihov, the haunted Tower at Zvikov Castle, and all of the magical locations in Prague, including Prague Castle, the Underground, Charles Bridge, the Ghost & Legends Walking Tour, the Museum of Alchemy, the Absinthe Store, the Macabre Marionette Museum, the Astronomical Clock, the Old City including the Jewish Quarter and the Golem Monster. But that's not all as the tour explores the Sedlec Ossuary known as "The Church of Bones" containing skeletons of over 40,000 people, whose bones have been artistically rearranged to form decorations, furnishings, and even chandeliers for the chapel.

You will also visit the HOUSKA CASTLE, possibly the scariest place on Earth...

Castles have always been built in strategic places. This one was built in the middle of nowhere. Hidden in the forests in Northern Czech, this fortress was not built to repel attacks or keep invaders out; it was built to keep something in! It was erected to close the gateway to hell. It was built upon a fabled bottomless pit to lock out (or in) winged creatures and demonic beasts from entering our world. Before sealing off Hell's realm, Bohemian rulers granted prisoners pardons if they agreed to be lowered by rope into the hole. The first few prisoners let out deathly howls. One was pulled up and he appeared to have aged 30 years instantly. He died a few days later. But that's not all. The Nazis took over this same Castle to conduct experiments and dabble in the occult. Years later, Nazi officers’ skeletons were found after they were assassinated execution-style. But by whom? The recurring ghosts at Houska are plentiful, including a headless black horse, giant human/frog/bulldog and a woman in an old dress who is frequently seen peaking out of top floor windows. Beneath the cellar there is said to be non-human remains of beasts that emerged from the hole. Years later, the Nazis took over this castle for their occult experiments. We will be going inside.

Not far from Houska Castle is the rock formations in Tuboz with the secret rooms. Translated as "The Hills Have Eyes" to local villagers, these unique giant boulders were reported to have naturally-formed "rooms" which may have been small homes for the criminally insane.

Combine all this with independent late-night séances, visits to graveyards, on-board classic ghost & genre films, a mad monster mash masquerade ball party and other surprises, and you've got what is one of the most memorable macabre tours in haunted history.

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