Good Evening Dear Castledwellers, Ghosthunters, Ghostbusters, Zombies, Witches, Warlocks, Ghouls, Gothlings, Kindred Spirits, Demented Demons, Erotic Exorcists and Fellow Spirited Travelers:

Thank you for your interest in the HAUNTED HUNGARY GHOSTour, our AUGUST 6-13, 2018 Haunted Vacation for travelers of all ages. Join us for what is one of the ultimate spooktacular, unforgettable and week-long adventures to the scariest and most notorious locales in Eastern Europe. Hosted by Charles F. Rosenay!!! ("Cryptmaster Chiller Chucky"), HAUNTED HUNGARY GHOSTour pays an unforgettable visit to the birthplace of Bela Lugosi and some of the most haunted castles and locales known to man (and unknown too!). Visit Budapest's Labyrinth with Dracula's Chamber, WW2 bunkers, Chaim Bridge, Haunted Cemeteries, Nazi Terror Museum, House of Houdini Museum, the Secret Hills of Buda, the Witch Museum, Witch Island and much more.

Combine great sight-seeing with independent late-night sťances, visits to graveyards, on-board classic ghost & genre films, a mad monster mash masquerade ball farewell party and other surprises, and you've got what is one of the most memorable macabre tour in haunted history. Ideal for couples, families and solo travelers. Open to all ages. Be sure to read past tour reports on our other previous travel adventures.

The trip is a deluxe travel packages valued at $5,999 per person for only $2499 per person including luxury coach transportation, deluxe hotel accommodations, all advertised attractions, admissions, events, parties, special guests & entertainment. Expect to stay overnight at castles along with hotels! Want to add airfare? We fly out of a NY airport, where people from all over the world meet as a group to travel together to Budapest. Add only $500 (plus airport departure taxes). If you are not joining our flight from the U.S., or you wish to arrange your own airfare, you may take part in this adventure by booking a land-only package (where you fly on your own). If you are traveling from other cities in U.S. or Canada, we can assist with your travel plans and air accommodations. We are now accepting reservations.

We hope you join us. You'll have the time of your life ...even if you're part of the undead!

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