Fright Haven first opened its doors to victims in 2007. Below are examples of our attractions...


Victorian Mansion infested with Cannibalistic Vampires

Dead End ManorDead End Manor is an ancient Gothic Victorian Mansion filled with beautiful Vampire sirens and the monsters who made them that way, all looking to add you to the collective commune of drinking blood.


Every culture has its legends of creatures not dead, but not alive either, who drink the blood of the living to survive. In what was once the city of Dudleyville, Connecticut, just West of New Haven, a large Victorian home stood on the end of a dead end road, by a Mill. Dark and seemingly deserted, neighbors seldom saw any activity at the building by the Mill and if so, only in the middle of the night.

Town tax records show that this massive house was the oldest structure in Dudleyville, built by Count Drake Romania Dudley. Construction work of the day was a dangerous business, but construction of the Dudley Mansion was hampered by several setbacks including fatal accidents: the collapse of a sub basement, workers who walked off the job without a trace, and a plague that gripped the whole town. No local record of his birth lead people to believe Dudley was from a foreign country. No record of the Count's death meant he must have moved out from the home before his demise. But then who lived there now? Other than the occasional appearance of a gardener or caretaker the answer seemed to be no one, as no one was ever seen to move in or out of the place.

Then one day an envelope arrived in every mailbox in the town of Dudleyville; an invitation to a Halloween Party thrown by the Dudley family to be held in the “last house on Dead End Lane.” The whole town showed up in their finest masquerade costumes to meet the living descendants of what must be the founding father of their town.

No one knows exactly what happened at the infamous party. A search of the premises the following morning found no living soul in the entire building. What they did find was walls covered with congealing blood, but no bodies, no body parts. The only survivors of the town were those few who did not accept the invitation, very young children mostly, and their babysitters, who were haunted the rest of their lives by the chilling screams that rang out all night from the last house by the Mill on a street called Dead End Lane.

The town eventually changed its name to West Haven in an attempt to hide from its property value-destroying past. Eventually homes were repopulated, and stories of the rotting boarded-up building at the end of Dead End Lane were just that -- stories told to children to keep them from getting too close; to keep them safe from the evil that once lived within. Sometime over the years, the Mill disappeared, and Dead End Lane changed it's name to Saw Mill Road.

But just this year, on the 200th anniversary of the disappearance of a whole community,  invitations to a grand Halloween Ball were received in the mail the other day. It seems the new owner of Dead End Manor wants us all to join him for the night. Or is it the original owner?


Pitch Black Haunt

AchluophobiaPeople are not actually afraid of the dark. They are afraid of what might be in the dark. The greater their imagination, the greater and more personalized the creature/madman/poltergeist/boogeyman that could be in the darkness will be. What are you afraid of? Chances are that whatever it is, you will come face to face with it in the Frightmare Pit.

Psychiatrists call a fear of the dark, Achluophobia. In recent polls, the fear of being in the dark is the most common phobia and it transcends age, region and culture. But are people really afraid of the dark, or are they afraid of what might be lurking in the dark? The fright specialists at Fright Haven want to find out and have devised a little… experiment we call The Frightmare Pit. In this attraction your worst fears will be realized; and not by the clever designers of the attraction, but through your own imagination. What are you afraid of? Join Fright Haven's Horror mavens for an experiment in terror and find out for yourself… if you dare! Just keep telling yourself that it is all your mind!


A 3-Dimensional tribute of terror to Savin Rock Park, Palisades Park, Freedomland, Paragon Park, what's left of Coney Island, and all the amusement parks torn down over the years

Carnival of Evil in 3DClowns! For some reason, people are afraid of clowns, and this attraction takes advantage of this fact with lots of crazed, demented clowns popping out from everywhere.


Where do carnival performers go when they get too old, too resentful, too crazy to continue entertaining children? Where the place they worked, lived in and entertained in just closed up and was demolished to make way for condos? When their beloved Savin Rock no longer wants them, but it's the only life they know? When there's no more Funhouse or Merry Go Round. Some of them retire to the Carnival Retirement Home in Eveville, Connecticut. The old folk’s home is filled with jugglers, lion tamers, acrobats and clowns… so many Clowns.

No longer allowed to perform with the traveling carnival, the residents of Carnival of Eveville Retirement Home have decided to open up a Halloween attraction not far from their long-gone Savin Rock Amusement Park. Even the clowns who have moved away, or passed away, or were locked away -- return for the festivities! They have resurrected the Carousel of Lost Souls, and they want to show the residents of Eveville that they could be trusted to be around their children and their parents. Let’s hope it works out like they plan!