Finally BACK FROM THE DEAD THIS Halloween Season...
ready to SCARE you again!
Fright Haven | Frequently AXED Questions

Connecticut's largest, scariest and greatest world-class INDOOR Haunted House Attraction all under one roof -- 20,000 square feet of fun-filled and fear-filled scares and future nightmares. It's BACK FROM THE DEAD. Closed for several years, it's been resurrected in a new location. You'll be too scared to scream!

Q: What time does the haunted house usually open?
A: 7pm. Check the "schedule" web-page with the dates and hours, but know that we will stay open later if the crowds come later or stay longer.

Q: How much are tickets and can I buy them at the door?
A: Buy tickets at the door with cash or credit card, or you may purchase discounted tickets online.

Q: Are there discounts for children?
A: No, but for a very good reason. Although there are no age restrictions, we want parents to be sure their child is mature enough to not be too scared. If you think your youngster will be okay with it bring them down. But know that this a gory, no-holds-barred haunt meant to scare. It's not corny or cheesy. We will not be held responsible for anything except nightmares. Children under 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, and there will be no refunds after a ticket is purchased (in case your child or YOU chicken out).

Q: Is Fright Haven handicap accessible?
A: Yes, all our attractions are 100% wheelchair handicap accessible, and there are parking spaces designated accordingly.

Q: Do you offer group discounts?
A: Yes, for groups as few as 10 if booked in advance. Email us or phone (203) 799-FEAR . We are also available for after-hour parties, and private parties at off-hours.

Q: How many people go through Fright Haven at a time?
A: Guests may go through in groups of up 6 at a time.

Q: What if it rains?
A: Bring on the rain and the thunder and the lightning! Fright Haven's attractions are all indoors so the weather has no bearing on your enjoyment. 

Q: Can I exit out of Fright Haven at any time if I feel it is too scary?
A: Yes. There are emergency exits you can use with the assistance of our staff. Please understand that are no refunds.

Q: What is the re-admission policy?
A: Once a guest has gone through an attraction, there are no additional re-admissions, nor are there any refunds.

Q: Is there a concession stand?
A: Yes. We will have a souvenir stand with T-shirts, glowstix and other goodies. Plus there will be drinks, snacks and other refreshments available. 

Q: Do you serve alcoholic beverages?
A: No. Inside Fight Haven we present a 100% smoke-free, drug-free, alcohol-free facility.

Q: Can we take photos inside Fright Haven?
A: NO - except in the entryway, the lines and the exit lobby area. There is even a selfie station/photo-op area. But not inside any of the three haunted attractions. Most haunted attractions are dark or use light effects, and eyes adjust to the low light. A camera - even the light of a cell phone or watch -- can ruin other guest's enjoyment and can also hurt the actors' eyes. For this reason, we also ask that all cell phones and lighted watches be turned off prior to entering.

Q: Will actors touch us?
A: Absolutely not. And guests may never touch the actors. Anyone touching or harassing actors or staff will be immediately removed from the attraction by security personnel and no refund will be given.

Q: How does someone get to be an actor at Fright Haven?
A: We always welcome people to join our team of terror. Email us or call (203) 799-FEAR.

Q: How does your attraction compare to other haunts in the state?
A: That's a hard questions to answer, as every one is different and offers scares in different fashions. We would rather you answer that! We are huge fans of the other attractions in CT and recommend that you visit them as well, especially if the proceeds benefit a charity or good cause.

If you have any additional questions about Fright Haven, or about the Haunted Tours of Transylvania that we produce (see and, phone (203) 799-FEAR or Email us