Since 2008, Rotary has been entertaining crowds around New England with their unique brand of premium vintage rock. Drawing on influences across the spectrum of rock and roll, their distinctive original sound is best displayed on their 2012 album "Demon Moon." From classic ballads to driving rock songs, the album plays like a love letter to all of the greats who have inspired them. Along with their original music, the band has built up an expansive set-list of rock covers with a very heavy focus on The Beatles. Their live show is ever-changing and something to be experienced. Rotary played the 2009 CT BeatExpo, where the also backed-up Peter Tork of The Monkees, and they have previously played "Danbury Fields Forever."

Bob Todaro, lead singer, keyboards, rhythm guitar
Jack Todaro, lead guitar and vocals
Jeremy Ross, bass
Adam Clymer, drums