David Tessier's
Pre-Fab Show

Monkees All-Star Show


David Tessier is a critically acclaimed actor/composer from RI, active in the RI arts community for 3 decades. He is the music director for King Richard’s Faire and is the founder & leader of the “All-Star Band of All-Star Stars,” a musical collective performing works from Jesus Christ Superstar to the Monkees. The "Pre-Fab Monkees All-Star Show" returns to the festival by popular demand, featuring Jon Brennan (vocals/keys), Paul Sousa (bass), Nate Goncalo (drums/vocals) and Justin Grankewicz (vocals/percussion).
David is also a recording artist for the 75orless label. H is “Taurus EP” is available on iTunes, with “Dreams in Hyperspace," the first All-Stars full length, due to be released in 2018.