FAB4 MUSIC FESTIVAL Report by Tom Aguiar

For the second year in a row, Liverpool Productions presented the FAB4 MUSIC FESTIVAL at the Toyota Oakdale Theater in Wallingford, CT, and the all-day event on June 9, 2018 was a resounding success. Twenty bands on two stages, vendors and refreshments resulted in nine straight hours of Beatles music and enjoyment for all who attended the event.

We've been attending this event for many years and always have a great time. The bands are top-notch, and the quality of music continues to get better and better each year. This year's line-up was the finest yet and the highlights were many.

The top highlight of the event was headliner band The Hofners, who performed the 1966 Japan Budakon show to perfection. The music was spot-on and their presentation, complete with suits, wigs, and mannerisms, brings their Beatles tribute to life. This band knows what they're doing on stage, completely immersing themselves into giving the audience the total package. It's no wonder they received a standing ovation when they closed the event. The Hofners are one of the top Beatles tribute bands and absolutely have to be seen.

Lenn Johnston presented his tribute to John Lennon and was amazing. Lenn looks, talks, sings, and, well simply, was John Lennon in every aspect. Lenn stayed the entire day at the event walking around and spending time chatting and taking photos with the attendees, all the while staying in character. Many people walked up to him and called him "John." He was THAT good and super nice to everyone he met.

Blac Rabbit, of the NYC subway viral videos and Ellen DeGeneres' show, attracted one of the largest audiences of the day. These two men have become a YouTube phenomenon and were a total crowd pleaser. Blac Rabbit is two brothers playing guitar + bass (Hofner, of course) who have the vocal chops to pull off Beatles music, and they did not disappoint. They were heading out on tour after the event.

Special guest at this year's event was The Fifth Estate, who had a Top 20 hit back in 1967 with "Ding, Dong, The Witch is Dead." They have recently reformed and were as a tight as could be. Being one of only two acts not playing Beatles music, The Fifth Estate delighted the crowd playing a lot of hit songs from the 60s as well as their own hit. They were known as the ultimate garage band back in the day and put out three albums.

The Monkees, it seems, will always be linked to the Beatles and Dave Tessier's Pre-Fab Monkees All Star Show delivered a rousing set of Monkees hits and lesser-known Monkees songs that had the audience singing along.

Penny Lane presented Beatles songs from the later years, performing most of side two of Abbey Road to perfection. Number Nine, great as always, blew the roof off with their renditions of classics such as "Strawberry Fields Forever." The female singer of The Navels wowed the crowd with her voice on "Don't Let Me Down." I would love to hear her sing Janis Joplin or Stevie Nicks.

There were so many more highlights at the event - too many to mention. Charles Rosenay!!! handled the MC duties at the Pepperland Dome Stage while radio host Ken Michaels took care of the outdoor Octopus' Garden Patio Stage, and both did a great job.

This year's festival surpassed expectations. Charles Rosenay!!! is the organizer of many Beatles tours, conventions, festivals, and more, and really excels at putting on a great event. It runs like clockwork and that is a testament to his skills. Thanks, Charles, for a great event. Now when is next year's festival?



(All Photos Credit: Robin Roberts)
"Pepperland Dome" Stage: Corporation Teashirt, Lenn Johnston's Tribute to John Lennon, Pat Horgan & Thunder Road, Beatlehead, Take 2 and Call Me in the Morning, The Fifth Estate, Double the Dial, Rotary, The Taxmen, Number Nine, Penny Lane, and The Hofners. "Octopus' Garden" Outdoor Patio Stage: Dramatic Turn's Brideau & Miller, Fool On The Hill's Sal Grillo & Allen Kamen, Mae Valerio, Scott Ringle, Eric Herbst's Acoustic Dizzy Fish, David Tessier's Pre-Fab Monkees All Star Show, Suns of Walrus, The Navels, and Blac Rabbit.

If you missed this year, donít miss the next one. Itís worth a trip from anywhere. . Email: (203) 795-4737

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